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Xpower 2 in 1 9V Wireless Charging Frame XP-CMW

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  • 2 in 1 design: air-conditioning clamp and glass suction cup
  • Support Qi RX 9V wireless fast charge
  • Support for iPhoneX/8/8 Plus, Galaxy S9/S8, Note 8 and more
  • Adjustable phone clips to support different sizes of phones
  • Support for Micro USB input
  • Safety Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Maintenance for one year

Automobile mobile phone bracket can be said to be a necessary accessory for all car owners. If the mobile phone supports wireless charging, the frame can provide wireless charging function, and it is more convenient to charge the mobile phone at the same time. XPower's latest 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Car Mount Holder is able to satisfy two wishes in one go. For a car owner with a wireless charging new phone, it is a good thing!

Single look at the model, you may think that this is just a normal frame, it has integrated wireless charging function, just connect the Micro USB power supply, it can correspond to Qi RX wireless charging, the maximum output is 10W, and can correspond 9V fast charge mode.

uses the Micro USB power input interface.

In addition to the glass suction cup, the air outlet clamp is attached to the most convenient position.

The car phone holder can be adjusted to a width of 55~85mm, and the latest mobile phones such as iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, Galaxy S8/S9/Note 8 can be securely fixed, and 360 degree rotation is supported, which is convenient to adjust to the best placement. angle. The frame is equipped with a powerful vacuum suction cup, which is suitable for the smooth surface of the windshield and the center console. There is also a cold air outlet clamp, which is fixed to the air outlet fan blade and can be operated by hand.

Use the vacuum suction cup to firmly absorb it on the windshield.

The clip holder can be fixed to the air outlet.

If you only use the general frame, put the phone on the frame, and then connect the charging cable to charge. Just put on this two-in-one frame, put the phone to automatically charge wirelessly, save the trouble of connecting the charging cable, and easily drive!

Simply put your phone on the frame and you can automatically charge wirelessly, saving you the trouble of plugging in the cable.