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Product Features:
Happy colorful percussion has a sound book, let the baby know the color, and easily learn percussion with the flash!
There are 12 familiar virgin melody, and follow the FOOD Superman to knock and play music!
Happy percussion audio book - FOOD Superman P1
Happy percussion audio book-FOOD Superman P2
■ Product Features
1. The unique flash design makes it easy for your baby to play without watching the spectrum:
The sparkling LED light will flash with the music, so that the baby can easily play with the guidance of the light without watching the spectrum. Hand, eye, and brain coordination, percussion is really fun!

2. beat two kinds of piano sound with a five-stage speed, adjust the size of the sound, let the baby knock out the most unique music:
xylophone and Glockenspiel two kinds of musical instruments sound effects sound can be changed by clicking The sound effect of the keys, and there are 5 paragraphs of speed and size adjustment buttons, so that the baby can knock and play freely, become a little musician!

3. attached two beat the stick, material safety Let your baby happy to learn music:
with the book attached two beat the stick, soft material security, peace of mind to make the baby happy beat, training baby's hand-eye coordination Force and rhythm.

4. familiar nursery rhyme melody, make baby easily beat and singing:
butterfly, rainy day, boating song ... baby's selection of 12 songs most familiar melody, arouse baby Learn to play with interest.

5. brightly colored keys marked, let your baby know color while stimulating visual development:
every song has a clear keys marked with numbers on the keys indicate corresponding, let baby recognize colors Effectively develop the brain potential of young children with numbers.

6. rich with beautiful music picture books, to enrich the baby visual:
with lovely illustrations lyrics, so that children watch and know the music and lyrics, enrich the child's visual experience.

7. full of a sense of accomplishment to young children, parent-child interaction more closely:
parents can accompany their children to play together, increase the child's self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, but also to promote close interaction between parents and children.
■ Product Features
1. Built-in xylophone / xylophone "2 kinds" beat the piano, let the children freely choose to play happily.

2. 5-stage adjustable volume and speed, so that children develop a sense of rhythm and music literacy.

3. Hyun flash LED light guide, so that children do not look at the spectrum will be playing, train the child's hands, eyes, brain tripartite coordination.

4. attached two beat the stick, soft material safe and fun, and Taiwan in line with EU safety inspection standards, so that parents, children are assured.

5. A total of 12 nursery rhymes joy, beautiful color with lovely music picture books to the baby's visual and auditory double enjoyment.
■ Catalog
1. Butterfly 2. Rainy day 3. Rowing song 4. Little star 5. Spring god is coming 6. Fish fish swim in the water 7. Hey! Susanna 8. Pigeons 9. The public wheel turns and turns 10. 10. Dangdang 11. Lullaby 12. Mr. Wang has a piece of land
Happy percussion music card*1+ music book*1+AAA battery*2
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] Happy Percussion Sound Book - FOOD Superman
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading age: 3 years old
bar code: 4714426204626
size: 23.5 * 20.5 * 2.8cm Pages: 30 Page
Publication time: December 2015