Windmill Publishing Windmill Baby Life IQ Story Set A set of 10 books 1CD Taiwan imports 0-6 years old

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Product introduction:
  • Simple and easy-to-follow stories let the baby understand the importance of safety in life, enhance the usual responsiveness, and learn wisdom everywhere in life.
  • Including colorful pictures and large fonts, with carefully recorded story CDs, let the baby grow up happily through lively and vivid presentation!
  • Each story is accompanied by a "parent and child", so that Mom and Dad can tell the baby by telling stories, and remind the baby of the truth of each story.
Product Features:
  • The font is clear and easy to read: A clear font containing phonetic transcriptions, allowing children to learn to read words by reading stories.
  • The story of life close to the story: simple and close to the story of the child's life, from the story to the life, let the children learn from the happy story content.
  • A lively and vivid story: brightly colored illustrations, lively and lively CDs, and interesting and interesting stories to accompany your baby's happy growth.
  • Parent and child's intimate reminder: With a warm "family and child", the intimate life reminder allows parents to learn the wisdom of life through storytelling and jealousy.

Inside page preview:

Squirrels and Timberwolves - don't open the door

  • The little squirrel came home from school, finished eating the snacks prepared by her mother, and took out the drawing paper to draw. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and the little squirrel thought: Mom is not at home, can't open the door casually! But outside the door came: "I am a mother! Open the door!" At this time, what should the little squirrel do? .....

Sweet Jelly – Elevator failure

  • The kitten, the kangaroo and the little hedgehog went to the little squirrel's house, and the building was one after another. The little squirrel lived in the first building. Three good friends walked into the building, took the elevator, and took the elevator easily! The elevator slowly rises, what? How did you suddenly stop and move? What should I do if the elevator fails? .......

You push me, I push you – good baby knows how to make it

  • Three little squirrels climbed the tree together, you squeeze me! I squeezed you, pushed it on the tree, and accidentally fell to the ground, and I saw a big bag on my head, so it hurts! Look at the little buffaloes and the little monkeys. What are the dangers of squeezing them out?

Naughty little cats - climbing high is dangerous

  • The tall tree is like a big green umbrella. The little bird sang a song in the tree, very happy. At this time, there was a little cat who was curious about everything, standing under the tree and saying, "I will also go to the tree and sing with the bird. "But the big tree is very tall, what happens to the little cat?"

Going to school by car – safe ride without playing

  • The school car is carrying a puppy and going to school. On the way to school, after the chicken house, the chicken has been carrying a bag at the door, etc., very happy to get on the train and say hello to everyone, then there is a duckling also on the bus, good friends chat and play together, in the car What happens to the drama?

Pig loves to take a shower – pay attention to bathroom safety

  • The pig likes to take a bath, so as long as the pig mother shouts: The bath time is up! The pig will happily take a towel to take a shower. The big bathtub is filled with water. It seems like a big pond. The pig likes to "plop!" and jumps into the big bathtub. But what happens when the water is too much?

Doctor Dr. – Say goodbye to germs

  • The animal hospital has a bear doctor. The animals will go to him if they are not feeling well. Early in the morning, the puppy sneezed and felt uncomfortable. The bear doctor checked that he had a cold and had a shot for the puppy. The pig's stomach is sore! Also hurry to check with Dr. Bear

The magical mother-in-law will not go out in typhoon days

  • With black hair and pointed teeth, the black wind lady is terrible! As long as the black mother opened his mouth, blow it! It will blow the wind, and the monkey brother and monkey sister who were originally playing outside are scared to run home. Only the monkey brother is still playing outside. What will happen to him?

The lost flower cock - lost without panic

  • The red cockscomb on the head, wearing a flower garland, is a beautiful flower cock! It saw a big cockroach in the grass, wow! It’s a rich meal, so I’m chasing after it! I didn't expect Daxie to escape into the forest. The cock was accidentally lost. What should I do now? ....

Fox brother and fox sister - don't go in dangerous places

  • The weather in the morning was so clear, the big sun was hanging in the sky, and the fox brother came to the lake with his fox sister. There is a small wooden bridge on the lake. There is a little fat pig on the opposite side. When I walked over the bridge, the wooden bridge suddenly broke down. What happened to the chubby pig?

Product Specifications:

  • Publishing Club: Windmill Book Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Reading age: 0-6 years old
  • Set contents: 10 books, CD x 1 (Mandarin)
  • Size: 21.8*21.2*3.8cm
  • Published: 2014-04-15

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