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Product Features:
Read an article every day!
Unbelievable and brilliant plot, let the children feel the myth of the myth!
Greek mythology picture book
Greek mythology picture book< Br> Greek mythology picture book
■ Product Description
1. Contains 32 Greek and Roman myths based on world culture and history.
2. Carefully select interesting stories from Greek and Roman mythology so that children can read them easily and interestingly.
3. The content of the adventure story in the world where God and people live together, with vivid pictures, let the children learn courage and wisdom, and cultivate imagination.

king of the gods Zeus, Athena, goddess of wisdom, Prometheus stealing fire ......
lead the children into the most fantasy world of myth, experience the charm Aolinpasi gods.

read the writing point of view to fit 6 to 12 years of age, with exquisite illustration style varied, from the far west fairy tales, opened up a knowledge of ancient Greek and European culture, a window to the child is not the same The international vision, learning lessons and knowledge from the story, and then inspire the future direction of the child.

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1. The earliest god Zeus Gaia ...... ...... 18
3. goddess of marriage Sheila ...... 26
4. Poseidon in the sea... 30
5. The god of the underworld, Heidis... 34
6. The god of the earth and the grain Dimit... 36
7. The god of fire and craftsman Hephas Tos... 44
8. Goddess Athena of War and Wisdom... 46
9. Prometheus to create humanity... 54
10. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty... ... 62
11. Open Pandora of the Taboo Altar... 68
12. Eros of Eros... 74
13. Ares of War... 84
14. Art God Apollo... 86
15. Hunting and pure goddess Artemis... 94
16. The hunter of the constellation Orion... 102
17. The gods of the gods ...... 106
18. Destroyed the Medusa of Medusa... 112
19. The best musician Orpheus... 120
20. Only love yourself Nass... 128
21. The most powerful hero Hercules... 132
22. Conquer the maze monster Theseus... 142
23. Icarus flying to the sun... 150
24. Pygmalion who fell in love with the statue... 154
25. The god of alcohol, Onionius... 158
26. Midas of the stone into gold... 162
27. The goddess Eris who attracted the battle... 168
28. The heroic song Achilles... 174
29. Victory Odysseus in the Trojan War... 180
30. Prophet Cassandra, who is not believed to be convinced... 188
31. Atalanta, who is good at sprinting... 194
32. Master Bolero Lo... 202
■ Product Features

Let the children think in an infinitely wide Western literature feast

1. Inspire children's wisdom and increase imagination: Children can easily learn the spirit and wisdom of their masters from relaxed fairy tales. Through reading, they can inspire children to think, increase their imagination, and benefit their children for a lifetime.

2. Let children read easily, fall in love with reading: reading needs to be cultivated, reading a classic story every day, can enrich the child's heart. This book is written in a language and perspective suitable for children aged 6~12, making it easy for children to read and fall in love with reading.

3. The illustrations are exquisite and varied, and the language is lively and lively: the exquisite and Illustrative style of the book makes every master jump on the paper, attracting the children's eyes and concentration; lively words make the children easy to enter the story situation in.

■ Author/painter introduction
Author / Park Sun Hee
The University specializes in English literature and is now responsible for planning, editing, and writing children's books.

It is a duck! ", "The snowman will not be cold" and other books.
■ Product Specifications
[windmill] Greek mythology picture book
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Park Sun Hee; / Translated by Chen Xin Qi
suitable for reading age: 6 years old
bar code: 9789862234280
Size: 22.5 * 25 * 2.3cm
Pages: 208 pages, color, hardcover
Publication time: January 2017