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Windmill Publishing Windmill World Classic Fairy Tale Picture Book - World Classic Story Series Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
World Classic Fairy Picture Book
Read an article every day!
Let your child broaden their horizons while reading and use the imagination to travel around the world!
World Classic Fairy Picture Book
World Classic Fairy Picture Book
World Classic Fairy Picture Book
World Classic Fairy Picture Book
■ Product Description

1. This book contains 21 classic fairy tales that are popular among children from all over the world.

2. Share classic fairy tales with children from all over the world and experience the original touch.

3. Lessons, dreams and adventures from the book can cultivate children's infinite imagination and correct direction of life.

each child's growth, accompanied by many wonderful fairy tales, children from the book to experience those dreams and adventure, with more fearless, more vast imagination to fit the 6 to 12-year-old reading view Written, with exquisite illustration style, classic fairy tales from all over the world, let children have a different world view, learn lessons and knowledge from the story, and then inspire the future direction of children.


1. Gulliver's Travels 2. Little Bee Mayan Adventures 3. Riding Goose Travel Notes 4. The Last Leaf 5. Little Princess

6. Sinbad Adventure 7. Alpine Girl Heidi 8. Little Prince 9. Selfish Giant 10. Prince

11. The Wizard of Oz 12. Alice in Wonderland 13. Forest Prince 14. The most precious Christmas gift

15. Xiaoqi Caishen 16. Jade Bird 17. Flanders Dog 18. Pinocchio 19. Peter Pan

20. Happy Prince 21. Nutcracker

■ Product Features

Classic fairy tale dedicated to children's wisdom and imagination

1. Inspire children's wisdom and increase imagination: Children can easily learn the spirit and wisdom of their masters from relaxed fairy tales. Through reading, they can inspire children to think, increase their imagination, and benefit their children for a lifetime.

2. Let children read easily, fall in love with reading: reading needs to be cultivated, reading a classic story every day, can enrich the child's heart. This book is written in a language and perspective suitable for children aged 6~12, making it easy for children to read and fall in love with reading.

3. The illustrations are exquisite and varied, and the language is lively and lively: the exquisite and Illustrative style of the book makes every master jump on the paper, attracting the children's eyes and concentration; lively words make the children easy to enter the story situation in.

■ Author/painter introduction
Author/Jiang Yan
Studying in the Department of Chinese Studies during the university period, the Institute specializes in classical literature.
In 2002, MBC began to write fairy tales after winning the grand prize in the submission of fairy tales.
In 2004, he was awarded the Korean Andersen Prize. "Is it broken in the children's book planning authors?" Not bad! Not bad! " was selected as the best unit.
At present, there are books such as "The Young Master Please Dine" and "Explore the Rehe Diary with Zhang Fu and Changda".
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] World Classic Fairy Picture Book
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Kang Min Kyung (Kang Min Kyoung); / Translated by Chen Xin Qi
appropriate reading age: 6 years old
bar code: 9789862234020
Dimensions: 22.5 *25*2.3cm
Pages: 208 pages, color, hardcover
Publication time: June 2016
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