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風車出版 Windmill Books Made in China Age 6+

SKU: 9789862236734

Windmill Publishing Windmill Aesop's Fables Picture Book - World Classic Story Series Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
Read an article every day!

let the children learn to read the truth in politics matter!
Aesop's Fables Picture Book
Aesop's Fables Picture Book
Aesop's Fables Picture Book
Aesop's Fables Picture Book
Aesop's Fables Picture Book
■ Product Description
1. The book contains 50 Aesop's fables that are loved by children all over the world.
2. The story is short but profound, allowing the child to understand the true meaning of life in a relaxed reading and slowly comprehend the philosophy of life.
3. The text of the book is easy to understand, with full-color illustrations with varied styles, attracting attention and increasing reading interest.
During the child's growth, the fable story has always been the best choice for educating children and cultivating the character of the child. The child can understand the meaning of the book, understand the truth of life, and have more intelligent and unique judgment.

to fit the 6 to 12-year-old reading writing point of view, with exquisite illustration style varied, so that children are more likely to enter the story context.

encourage parents to read with their children altogether, try to explore the deeper meaning of the story, not only to increase parent-child time to get along, to better cultivate children's thinking.

Contents: 1. Wolf, 2 donkey carried salt, ants and crickets 3, 4 Hare, 5 cats, and mice cock 6. The lower

.... Golden egg goose, 7. Greedy dog, 8. Lion and retired mouse, 9. Bear and two travellers, 10. Who is going to hang the bell?

11. ants and pigeons, 12. Fox and Crane, 13. fir trees and thorns, 14. Reconciliation lion and goat, 15. lark and her children

16. janitor dogs and wolves, 17. milking girl, 18. dressed in a lion skin ass, 19. vain crow, 20 donkeys and puppies

21. the city mouse and the country mouse, 22. mosquitoes and cattle, 23. ants and pupae, 24 lambs and wolves Piper, 25 donkeys and crickets

26. rats and weasels, 27. the fox and the grapes, 28 donkeys and horses, 29. two sheep bridge, 30. pool deer

31. love lions and farmers, 32. cunning fox, 33. ,, 34 frogs and cattle. foxes and 35. when the king monkeys and Sons donkey

36. crows and foxes, 37. lioness answer 38. oaks and reeds, 39. bullion turned to stone, 40. cowardly lion

41. bundle of wood rods, 42. birds, animals and bats, 43. peanut tank, 44. vineyard treasure, 45 deer blind

46. the north Wind and the sun, 47 crow drink water, 48 lions and Dolphins, 49. Children and frogs, 50. Wisdom slaves
■ Product Features
Fables that affect children's character and wisdom
1. Inspire children's wisdom and increase imagination: Children can learn the spirit and wisdom of their masters from a relaxed fable story. Through reading, they can inspire children to think and increase their imagination. Let your child benefit for a lifetime.
2. Let the children read easily, fall in love with reading: reading needs to be cultivated, read a mythical story every day, can enrich the child's heart. This book is written in a language and perspective suitable for children aged 6~12, making it easy for children to read and fall in love with reading.
3. The illustration is exquisite and changeable, and the language is lively and lively: the exquisite and changeable illustration style in the book makes every master jump on paper, attracting children's eyes and concentration; lively words make children easy to enter the story situation in.
■ Author/painter introduction
Author / Cha Bo Geum Che Baojin graduated from the Department of Mandarin Languages at Korea Foreign Studies University and Yonsei University of Education and has won the Children's Literature and Art Award and the Enlightenment Children's Award. He is the author of "Mi Yu and Xiao Long", "Pocket Library", "Confidence of Healthy King", "Running Red Train", "I only wear black clothes", "very good, very good!" No, no! 》 et al.
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] Aesop's Fables Picture Book
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Cha Bo Geum / Translator: Chen Xin Qi
suitable for reading age: 6 years old
bar code: 9789862234273
Size: 22.5 * 25 *2.3cm
Pages: 248 pages, color, hardcover, phonetic
Publication time: June 2017