Windmill Publishing Windmill Baby's 12 Classic Fairy Tales Set of 12 Books 2CD Taiwan Imports 3+

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Product introduction:
  • Start from the classic fairy tale, take root in the language and enjoy reading!
Product Features:
  • Colorful clays that inspire creativity.
  • Let children have multiple creative spaces for imagination.
  • Cultivate concentration and strengthen hand muscle development.
  • Inspire color perception and the appreciation of beauty.
  • It is suitable for parents and children to work together to enhance interaction.
  • A background image of a picnic situation game is included.

Product Features:

  • Classic fairy tales can cultivate children's character and cultivate temperament. It is the first step in cultivating life wisdom.
  • The illustrator is exquisite and colorful, so that children can have a new look when reading classic fairy tales.
  • Concise text expects children to be inspired by the joy of reading.
  • Work with children to read fairy tales, let good faith and philosophy of life, as the story enters the heart of the child.

Baby's 12 classic fairy tales:

Three little pigs

  • Three pigs have to leave their homes. The pig brother has built a thatched cottage. The pig brother has built a cabin. Only the pig brother has worked hard to build a solid brick house.
  • When the big wolf came, the thatched cottages and cabins were blown down. Only the younger brothers tried to build the brick houses, so that the big wolves could not blow.

Snow White

  • Snow White has white skin, black hair and bright red lips. The mirror says: "Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the world."
  • The bad-hearted stepmother queen decided to kill Snow White, so she pretended to be an old lady and gave Snow White a poisonous apple...

Wolf and seven lambs

  • One day, the mother of the sheep has to go out to buy things, and squat the sheep before going out. Don’t open the door for strangers.
  • The lambs are very smart, but they still have less vigilance and finally open the door to the big wolf.
  • Fortunately, the brave and wit of the little lamb defeated the big wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood

  • Little Red Riding Hood is going to visit the sick grandmother in the forest, but he met the big wolf on the road. Little Red Riding Hood forgot his mother's groan. After listening to the big wolf, he ran to Kushiro to pick flowers.
  • Then the big wolf took the opportunity to come to the grandmother's house and ate the grandmother.

Sleeping Beauty

  • An elf has a terrible curse on the newly born princess: "The princess will be stabbed to death by a needle on her fifteenth birthday."
  • Although the king ordered the destruction of the country's textile tools, the princess could not escape, relying on the magic of another elf, and slept for a hundred years.

Aladdin's lamp

  • The poor Aladdin has acquired a powerful lamp with a giant elf that can help Aladdin achieve his wishes.
  • Aladdin relied on this magic lamp to save the princess, drive away the bad wizard, and finally married the princess and lived a happy and prosperous life.

Little Pinocchio

  • In the past, there was a little puppet. A fairy made the little puppet move. The carpenter grandfather was so happy to help him name it "Pinochu."
  • But Pinocchio is very naughty, not only does not go to school, but also lied to the fairy, and finally because of fun, even grew a tail!

Ugly Duckling

  • The ugly duckling is big and ugly. It is always laughed at by everyone. Sadly, he has to leave his home to find his own biological mother. The ugly duckling holds hope and is alone in a series of wandering journeys.
  • Spring is here, no one thought, the ugly duckling is actually a beautiful swan!

Candy House

  • Hansel and Gretel were abandoned in the depths of the forest. They lost their way and couldn’t go home. When the two were starving, they found a room made of candy. The brothers and sisters were so happy and forgotten. Specially eat, but they don't know, this candy house is a bad witch special to seduce children...

Cats wearing boots

  • After the death of the mill owner, the eldest son got the mill, the second son got the donkey, and the third child had only one cat.
  • This cat not only speaks, but also is very clever, not only to get rid of the bad wizard, but also to let the old three sisters marry.

Little Red Hens

  • A small red hen found the seeds of wheat, so he diligently sowed, harvested, ground wheat flour, and made bread.
  • In the meantime, no animals wanted to help it, the little red hen had to do it alone, and finally, the little red hen also enjoyed the fragrant bread alone.

Snow Queen

  • The evil sorcerer’s mirror fragments fluttered into Kay’s eyes, so the good things in Kai’s eyes became ugly and ugly. One day, the Snow Queen took away Kay and used a kiss to freeze the Kay. In the heart of Iraq, Gerda embarked on a long journey to find Kay.
Product Specifications
  • Barcode: 9978862234877
  • Publisher: Windmill Publishing
  • Author: KatleenPut
  • Size: 22.5*22*8cm
  • Applicable age: 3 years old or older
  • Published Date: 2018-05-15