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Windmill Publishing Windmill "Logical Brain" Early Childhood Classic Brain Thinking Development Game

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Style: Mathematical Concepts
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■ Product Description
1. A logical matching game from Germany, using the puzzle geometry patch to train the child's hand-eye coordination and pairing ability.
2. Take the image out of the way, let the children look at the picture and think about it, improve the ability of logical thinking, and cultivate children's image understanding ability.
3. From the understanding of numbers, counting, sorting and other aspects of the problem, lay the foundation of mathematical concepts for children.
4. The puzzle patch attached to this product can be attached to the smooth surface such as mirror surface and glass, and can be reused. If the viscosity disappears after a period of time, it can be restored after being washed and dried with water.
■ Product Features
1. Innovative Thinking Game:
Innovative thinking in image learning and shape matching, completely flipping traditional education and advocating world-class thinking new mode!

2.Professional classification proposition:
384 image thinking topics, this book is based on the concept of mathematics related design, including counting, simple calculation, comparison, sorting, etc., and other graphic recognition, Animal matching, life logic, abstract thinking, creative imagination, and other five kinds of multi-funny theme games, leading children's brain development, let children learn easily in the game!

3. With the enlightenment puzzle teaching aids:
With color geometric puzzle patch, environmental protection and security teaching aids, let the children use the brain to learn to pair, can also be used repeatedly!

4. Additional expert guidance:
Additional expert guidance, learning objectives and training ability, provide extended learning for parents and children, and develop unlimited possibilities for children's whole brain thinking.
■ Contents/Gifts
With 6 puzzle geometry EVA patches
■ Product specifications
"Logical brain" toddler classics brain thinking to develop games (6)
Publisher: windmill Books Publishing Co.
author: windmill Bianji Bu
appropriate reading ages: 3-7 years old
size: 19.7 * 30.3*1 cm (single book)
Pages: 68 pages (single book), color, hardcover
Publishing time: July 2015
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