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Garmin Vivosport Wrist Heart Rate GPS Wisdom Bracelet

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Product Features:

  • With indoor fitness, or use the built-in GPS to accurately track outdoor activities
  • Physical monitoring provides VO2 max maximal oxygen uptake and body age estimates
  • All-weather stress tracking helps monitor the body's response to potential stress
  • Small, streamlined, Garmin Chroma color screens are on call
  • Wireless links such as Smart Tips, Live Track Instant Tracking, etc.
  • Battery performance: Smart mode for up to 7 days and GPS mode for 8 hours.

Everywhere is a sports field

  • Built-in GPS lets you do outdoor activities as you wish. Whether running, walking or cycling, vívosport tracks distance, time, speed or pace, and Garmin Connect shows the full range of motion. Vívosport preloads multiple timing activities, including strength training and aerobics, so you can choose your preferred fitness method.

Daily physical fitness monitoring and stress tracking

  • ElevateTM wrist heart rate sensing for monitoring vital physical and health indicators around the clock. Through heart rate sensing data, vívosport can estimate your maximum oxygen uptake and fitness age. These two physical indicators can be gradually improved through regular exercise. At the same time, you can track HRV (heart rate changes) to calculate your stress level. Allows you to understand the level of stress at any time, and once the level of stress increases due to physical or emotional factors, you can try to eliminate stress in a timely manner.

The design is exquisite and the style is dazzling

  • vívosport GPS Smart Heart Rate Bracelet not only combines various features and sports functions, but also makes the thinness even more amazing. Perfectly matched with all kinds of occasions, waterproof design, suitable for all day wear, swimming and shower without worry. The Garmin Chroma color touch screen, ready to go, is agile and bright and clear under the sun. The vívosport GPS Smart Heart Rate Bracelet is available in a sleek, two-tone design with three popular color schemes to give you the freedom to choose.

Wireless connection

  • After pairing with a compatible smart phone, you can enjoy all the convenient and practical smart functions from the bracelet. View text messages, social media updates, emails, and more, find mobile phones, use music control options, and turn on LiveTrack to let your friends track your activity. Automatically upload your completed events to Garmin Connect via automatic sync.

Share and contest

  • Garmin Connect not only stores your synchronized uploads, but is also a dynamic community interaction platform where users can participate in online challenges and peer-to-peer competitions, encourage each other, or share achievements through social media. Garmin Connect is free for use via the Garmin ConnectTM mobile app on the web or on your smartphone.

Other Information:

  • One year maintenance
  • Mirror material: tempered glass
  • Wristband material: Silicone
  • Machine size:
    • Width 2.1 cm, thickness 1.09 cm,
    • Long: S/M 19.7 cm; L 22.3 cm;
    • Wristband size: S/M wrist diameter 12.2-18.8 cm; L wrist diameter 14.8-21.5 cm
  • Weight:
    • S/M: 24.1 grams
    • L: 27.0 grams
  • Waterproof rating: swimming waterproof rating
  • Battery performance: rechargeable lithium battery

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