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vistic Vehicle Air Fresheners Made in Korea

SKU: fara-car-No.12

vistic fara hanging car essential oil diffuser Korean brand


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feature of product:
  • Equipped with Danish KVADRAT Advanced Uniform Fabrics, environmentally friendly fabrics, certified by the European Union for anti-color dyeing
  • Fashion and simple streamlined FARA hanging diffuser is a disc shape, adding flavor to the car
  • The attached fixed strap can be hung from the rear of the rear view mirror. After the essential oil is dripped, the fragrance is distributed from top to bottom throughout the car.
  • Natural ingredients are specially formulated with special ingredients, fresh and resistant
  • Replaceable essential oils and cotton sheets can be exchanged at any time according to your preference. Easy to use and durable
other information:
  • Spice wine x 1, FARA x 1, replaceable cotton sheet x 1, fixed tie belt x1
  • The aroma is available in 3 different styles of essential oils, all from the Swiss Givaudan brand:
    1. Black No.9 – Musk: Sage mixed with musk, neutral and restrained charm;
    2. Pink No.12 – Grapefruit: Taste the summer subtropical grapefruit, bringing the soft sweet aroma of Florida;
    3. Blue No.17 – Cedar: Cedar, peony extract mix, cold and dry, with aromas to bring a clean atmosphere
  • Made in Korea, 1 year maintenance

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