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vistic Vehicle Air Fresheners Made in Korea

SKU: drec-car-No.12

vistic drec clip type lightweight oil essential oil diffuser Korean brand


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Product Features:

  • Equipped with Danish KVADRAT Advanced Uniform Fabrics, environmentally friendly fabrics, certified by the European Union for anti-color dyeing
  • Fashionable streamlined DREC clip-on diffuser is a long oval shape that adds flavor to the cabin
  • The attached special clip is directly fixed on the air-cooling port blade of the car, and the cold air will flow directly into the clip-type diffuser, blowing the essential oil into the whole car.
  • Natural ingredients are specially formulated with special ingredients, fresh and resistant
  • Replaceable essential oils and cotton sheets can be exchanged at any time according to your preference. Easy to use and durable.
  • Made in Korea, 1 year maintenance
other information:
  • Essential Oil X 1 , Drec x 1, Retaining Clip x 1, Replaceable Cotton Sheet x2
  • The aromas of the three different styles are from the Swiss Givaudan brand:
  1. Black No.9 – Musk: Sage mixed with musk, neutral and restrained charm;
  2. Pink No.12 – Grapefruit: Taste the summer subtropical grapefruit, bringing the soft sweet aroma of Florida;
  3. Blue No.17 – Cedar: Cedar, peony extract mix, cold and dry, with aromas to bring a clean atmosphere

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