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V-White Toothbrushes


V-White Cold Light Electric Toothbrush American Brand

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Product Features:

  • Wireless charging: the ultimate creation, originality.
    • The charging method uses the most technologically sensitive wireless charging method. It can be used for 10 minutes and can last for more than 20 days. It is truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy Touch Switch: Ingenuity, Quality and Quality
    • One-touch touch switch at the bottom of the toothbrush, eliminating the need for extra control buttons, no need to worry about the operation, easy adjustment of the third gear, cleaning, whitening, massage, multiple choices, truly experience the exquisite life, gently touch, let you The key opens the brushing journey.
  • Toothbrush head:
    • The unique U-shaped mouthpiece design, in conjunction with human occlusion engineering, firmly fits the teeth while quickly cleaning the tooth surface and interior 360°. Food-grade antibacterial gelatin, can be replaced with different specifications, super waterproof and washable and can be used repeatedly to kill 99.99% of the bacteria inside the mouth, giving the teeth the healthiest protection.
  • Blu-ray whitening: teeth brightening, glamour bloom
    • Deeply love 360° automatic oral cleaner, using high-intensity physical cold light, with photo-contact enzyme toothpaste gel, reaching the deep part of the tooth, crushing the pigment in the deep part of the tooth, achieving fast yellowing and stain removal, effectively purifying the teeth The uncleanness that breeds in the source, the source removes the pigment adhesion, and you are white and healthy, continue to use, the teeth are shiny, and the breath is fresh!
  • Power head: unique, ultrasonic technology
    • The power head is also called the energy bin. When you use it, it will continuously supply energy to the brush head. Only one power head can meet the needs of multiple toothbrush heads. One to one, one can be shared at the same time, which is convenient and flexible to switch freely.
  • Let your hands: Be ingenious and different.
    • The unique U-shaped mouthpiece design, unparalleled appearance structure, allows you to free your hands while brushing your teeth, improve your life efficiency, save your precious time, and enjoy a refined life.
  • 360 degree cleaning of the mouth: excellent quality, making the future
    • Deep love 360° automatic oral cleaner is designed with ultrasonic technology and unique U-shaped toothbrush head. It can be used in 360° all-round brushing in just 10-15 seconds. Save your precious time and let you like to brush your teeth.
  • Stomatology SPA: Enjoy luxury, luxury experience
  • Deeply love 360° automatic oral cleaner with soft antibacterial silicone toothbrush head, 360° contact with teeth and gums, which can bring a luxurious level of SPA experience to the mouth every time. Long-term use can also prevent the atrophy of the gums, promote the blood circulation of the periodontal, help the metabolism of the tissue, and reduce the admission of periodontal disease.
 Other information:
  • How the product works:
    • When using the 360° automatic oral cleaner, you only need to touch the bottom of the power head to start. At this time, the ultrasonic motor works with the photo-touch enzyme toothpaste to drive the silicone toothbrush head to vibrate and adjust. The right gear (clean, white, massage). The brush head vibrates quickly, and the physical cold light reaches the deep part of the tooth. The cleaning effect is very prominent. At the same time, the silicone rubber toothbrush uses a thin strip of silicone rubber to wrap the exposed teeth in all directions to clean the teeth without dead ends.

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