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TSL Irons & Ironing Systems


TSL palm iron Taiwan brand

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Black purple
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Traditional iron is also called Kung Fu iron! To heat the horse, to adjust the temperature, to meet different angles and different technologies.

New trend mini iron, the world's smallest iron, only half the size of the palm, just remember to use a large area with a horizontal hot, a small area with a direct hot, you can make your invincible, perm All the clothes in the world, ironing will not encounter dead corners, storage does not take up space.

  • It takes only 1 minute to charge and it can be operated wirelessly, which is more convenient and more energy efficient than traditional iron!
  • 2 ways to use: flat ironing / hanging ironing (large area around horizontal hot, small area vertical hot)
  • Very suitable for travel abroad, home use
  • Super Mini Size Palm Iron Half Palm Size
  • Convenient storage
  • The base plate is made of high-grade titanium alloy. Rugged and durable
  • Two designs Plug in and use wirelessly after charging
  • Surface printing design Glossy, long-lasting and non-fading
  • When ironing a large area, use a horizontal hot area and use a direct hot area
  • Even if the button's dead angle is easily ironed
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • Color: orange, black purple, blue color
  • Rated voltage: 110V - 240V
  • Iron: Length 11.5 x Width 6.5 x Height 6.5 cm
  • Seat Charger: Length 11.5 x Width 8 x Height 4.5 cm