TROLL Nicole white birch solid wood crib from birth to 4 years old

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Colour: Original wood color
Set: Net bed frame

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Product Features:

  • Nicole crib has a single hand drop function, meaning that when you hold bb in one hand, the other hand can lower the upper and lower gates, so that the baby can wake up and pick up or put down the baby. >
  • The bed frame is made of white birch and is durable
  • The bottom of the bed is also made of white birch, and it is a combination of dense strips, which is more sturdy and stable than splints and slats.
  • The bottom of the bed has 3 heights, and the highest position is suitable for babies under six to seven months. This height is also convenient for parents to lift and lower their baby without excessive bending.
  • When the baby has been up for more than seven months, or can stand on his own, parents can put the bottom plate to the lowest position to prevent the baby from climbing over the bed brake
  • When the baby is about two years old, the bed brake can be removed and turned into a children's comb bed, training the children to go up and down and get up.

Other Information:

  • With double-sided ridge spring mattress G05-DS12060, double-sided spring breathable latex mattress G05-BBZ60120 or organic bamboo woven double-sided spring mattress G36-OB12060
  • Applicable from birth to 4 years old
  • The bottom plate has three heights
  • There is anti-bite glue
  • Single on the unilateral
  • Removable 4 locked activity beds
  • External dimensions: 127cm(L) x 69 (W) x 102cm (H)
  • Inner size: 120cm (L) x 60cm (W)
  • With European Safety Standard EN716:1&2
  • ISO9001 quality certification

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