Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks American Brand Future World: Super Robot MAGBOT

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Product Features:

  • Tegu is an American brand that uniquely incorporates magnets into blocks and is manufactured in Honduras.
  • Tegu This name is taken from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It has been manufactured in Honduras since its inception. In addition to maintaining the quality and safety of production, it is mainly to create employment opportunities for Honduras and to help students get an education.
  • The building blocks are bleach-free and use non-toxic and safe water-based paints, and have passed the US [CPSIA Safety Certification], EU [EN71 Commodity Certification] and [FSC Forest Regulatory Commission Certification] forest friendly products.
  • Use FSC certified green wood
  • Buy this item Tegu to plant 3 trees for you. Tegu puts 983 tree seedlings for every tree harvested. So far, more than 500,000 trees have been planted.
  • Tegu creates jobs in the relatively weak Honduras and participates in school building for universal education.
  • Tegu blocks are bleach-free and use non-toxic, safe waterborne coatings that meet US CPSIA and EU EN71 safety certifications.
  • Children naturally develop hand-eye coordination, stereoscopic space concepts, independent logical thinking, etc. from Tegu magnetic building blocks.
  • Tegu magnetic building blocks produce sounds and the possibility of stacking in multiple directions, which is more interesting than sound and light toys.
  • High quality Tegu magnetic building blocks made of solid wood, which feels warm and durable, and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Other Information:

  • Commodity material: FSC certified environmentally friendly hardwood, water-based safety coating, magnet
  • Applicable age: 1~99 years old
  • Manufacturing: Made in Honduras, imported from the United States
  • Save and clean Tegu's little steps
    • Please store in a well-ventilated place, avoiding moisture, high temperature, long-term exposure to sunlight
    • Do not soak Tegu in water or use chemical lotion or solvent to avoid water-based safety coatings that damage the surface
    • It is recommended to wipe gently with a wrung wet cloth, and then put it into the storage box after it is completely dry.
  • Warnings and precautions
    • The color of the product image file will be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings, which is subject to the actual product color
    • The color of the surface of the building block is non-toxic and water-based safety coating. The bottom layer of the wood is unbleached, and the natural dark color, wood knot, black spot and black spot are all natural phenomena, which are not the scope
    • There is a magnet in the product. Please use it under the supervision of an adult. Swallowing the magnet can cause serious complications and may lead to death. If you accidentally swallow, please seek medical attention immediately
    • Please stay away from fire