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Suchprice® 優價網 Bedding Made in China


Suchprice® Q02 bed four-piece bed

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  • European design
  • Constrained and combined with manual three-dimensional craft
  • Washed silk fabric Made from natural fibers (100% polyester)
  • Soft and comfortable, elegant gloss
  • The fabric is clean and can't afford the ball
  • Washing silk is not easy to wrinkle or shrink after washing. The fabric naturally restores the original finish and flatness
  • Fabric: washed silk
  • Printing and dyeing process: active printing and dyeing
Product Size:
bed size sheets Sheet sheets Pillow Case
1.5 - 1.8 m 200 x 230 cm 230 x 250 cm 48 x 74 cm x 2


  • When the color of the solid color fabric is different due to the light intensity, there will be a certain color error, which is not a color difference problem
  • The active printing and dyeing fabrics will have a small amount of floating color, and the first washing will have a slight discoloration, which is not a quality problem
  • When using the first time, use water as much as possible. The water temperature should not exceed 30 °C. Avoid using strong detergent or add a little salt to fix the color.