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Snore Circle Eye Masks Made in China

SKU: YA3100

SNORE CIRCLE Smart Snoring Eye Mask

Pre-ordered 2022-01-31

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Product Features:

  • Beep recognition: Accurate recognition of snoring through advanced bone conduction and voice recognition technology.
  • Intelligent physical micro-intervention: After monitoring the snoring, weak intervention will be carried out through 36 levels (weak to strong) physical shock, and the user will change the snoring after receiving the intervention.
  • Wearing comfort: The combination of ergonomic design and high-density high-quality sponge close to the eye contour, no odor and comfortable to wear.
  • Complete shading: You can enjoy the silence of the night during the day.
  • Vis and sleep data visualization: Independent research and development APP and product use, you can view the product's work data, sound data, sleep data, etc. through the APP.
  • Note: Products can be used separately from the APP, and the app is only used as a data reference aid

How it works:

  • The product accurately recognizes snoring through bone conduction technology and voice recognition technology.
  • After recognizing the snoring, the user is physically intervened by a weak vibration, a total of 36 levels, from weak to strong. At this point, the brain nerves will help tighten your throat muscles and enlarge the airways, allowing you to breathe smoothly, stopping snoring or reducing the frequency of snoring, without disturbing your sleep. When you stop snoring, you can go into deep sleep and have a good sleep quality. In the absence of snoring, the Snore Circle snoring goggles will be dormant and will not hinder your sleep.
  • After using, you can judge the change of the snoring by your own feelings, APP software data, and feedback from people around you.

Other Information:

  • Model: YA3100
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 38g
  • Product size: 235*83*26mm
  • Package weight: 275g
  • Package size: 600*110*60mm
  • Material: Environmentally Friendly High Density Sponge
  • Intervention intensity level: 36
  • Bluetooth technology: 4.0
  • Bluetooth name: VVe
  • Applicable to mobile phones: ios7.0 and above/Android4.3 and above
  • Battery capacity: 80mAh
  • Charging method: USB cable
  • Charging time: fully charged in about 2 hours
  • After full charge: use about 2 nights (experimental data, if the war is serious, it is recommended to charge once a day)
  • Composition: snore eye mask*1, USB charging cable, user manual*1
  • Place of Origin: Chinese Products
  • How to wear: After the product is turned on, it is worn close to the forehead. (See picture for details)

Switch and battery description

  • Power on state: Turn the power switch to the ON position, the product can be turned on. After the power is turned on, the power light will be on, and the Bluetooth light will flash for 10 seconds (if it is not connected to the mobile phone, it will automatically go out). When the sleep eye mask is placed vertically The power light will be on for a long time. When you wear the product and lie down and rest, the product power light will automatically go out.
  • Test whether the product has a normal working method: After the product is turned on, the product is properly worn, and the sound is simulated (in a quiet environment). After a continuous beep, the product emits a weak vibration to indicate that the product is working properly.
  • Shutdown status: Turn the power on key to OFF, you can turn off the power, all the indicators will be off after shutdown
  • Additional instructions:
    • If the product is not properly worn, it will directly affect the accuracy of the product for the recognition of the snoring and the effect of physical intervention.
    • Because this product is an experience-based product, the effect of each person will be different, and the result that is completely ineffective will not be excluded.

Power supply judgment:

  • Tap the product function key FUNC once
  • The power light is red, indicating that the battery is low and needs to be charged in time
  • The power light is green, indicating that the battery is fully charged, you can not charge it
  • If you need to know the specific power, you can view it by connecting to the mobile APP software

APP instructions:

  1. Download the software, open the mobile phone Bluetooth, enter the software, and open the product Bluetooth (after the product is turned on, press the function key FUNC once to open the product Bluetooth, the blue light will flash), bind the device, after the binding is successful, you can see it after opening. Go to snoring and sleep data.
  2. Because the severity of the snoring of each person is different from the history of snoring, you need to choose the mode that suits the match. The default mode is not suitable for everyone. You can find the mode settings of the product in the software, and then adjust accordingly. It is recommended to adjust the adjustment period in the initial 2~3 days.
  3. For customers with shallow sleep, in order to prevent the product from interfering with sleep during the early stages of sleep, you can temporarily prevent non-intervention in the early stage of sleep snoring by using the "delay stop" function.


  1. Do not place the device near fire or excessive temperatures (heaters, microwave ovens, ovens, etc.)
  2. Do not subject the device to strong shocks or vibrations to avoid equipment damage.
  3. Do not use chemicals, detergents, etc., keep the product dry and do not wash it directly with water.
  4. The built-in lithium battery should not be disassembled or replaced by yourself to avoid damage to the device.

After-sales description: It is inevitable that the outer packaging box will be slightly worn during the loading and unloading of this product. If there are problems during the use of the body, please contact us in time. Please strictly follow the usage and precautions before purchase and use. If other problems caused by improper use are irrelevant to the company, Once the product is sold, it will not be returned!

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