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SmartClean Ultrasonic Cleaners


SMARTCLEAN ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine VISON.5 original licensed

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Product Features:

  • The performance is the same as that of a general commercial eyewear machine
  • Efficiently clean glasses at home
  • Ultrasonic design (patent)
  • Use fresh water
  • Adding a drop of detergent is better.
  • Can also clean silverware, metal straps, etc.
  • This product is not suitable for tanning glasses
  • 6 month maintenance period
How to use:

  1. Add normal room temperature water to a position below MAX
  2. Add a drop of detergent to better results
  3. Put your glasses and press the switch
  4. The default cleaning time is 5 minutes. If you want to stop early, just press the switch
  5. Dry the moisture of the glasses and gently wipe the lenses

Detailed specifications:

rated voltage DC12V
AC Adapter AC100V~240V
rated frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
ultrasonic frequency 45kHz
Cleaning tank material SUS304
Product size 185 x 59 x 98mm
Product Weight about 410g
Cleaning tank internal dimensions 173 x 45 x 82mm
cleaning tank volume about 500ml, the upper limit (MAX) standard line is about 450ml
Timer Automatic power off (about 5 minutes)
Attachment AC adapter, instruction manual (with maintenance certificate)


  • Do not use hot water. High temperature will damage the surface of the lens and make the frame deform and deteriorate.
  • Do not circle the lens, the correct method should be straight from the nose position to the same direction
  • The glasses are suitable for silverware, accessories and metal straps, but do not put the meat on the table, because the ultrasonic will damage the structure and parts inside the table
  • Change the water often, and clean the body to avoid depositing sediment.