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PRO PLAN Dog Food Made in Australia

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PROPLAN BRIGHT MIND® Elf Brain Rehabilitation Adult Dog 7 years old + dry food bag 2.5kg FCL discount


Pre-ordered, available on: 2023-06-07

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Product Features:

  • BRIGHT MIND® is a nutritious dog food specially designed for adult dogs aged 7 or over. It is jointly developed by PURINA® veterinarians and nutritionists to provide you with a mature dog. Supplement daily needs
  • Beginning at the age of 7 years, the ability of the dog to take up glucose in the brain will gradually slow down, affecting its memory, learning ability or judgment
  • The PURINA® team found that high-quality vegetable oils contain MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which provide extra energy to the brain of the dog and enhance the sharp thinking and alertness of 7+ dogs within 30 days. Sex, no artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives
  • Every day, BRIGHT MIND® Elf Brain Care is used as a 7+ dog meal to effectively raise your dog..
    • Memory
    • Attention
    • Training ability
  • You will be more likely to see the following improvements for 7+ dogs:
    • Interacting with people
    • Happy to have fun
    • More able to adapt and cope with change
  • Long-term benefits:
    • Quality vegetable oil contains MCTs, which can effectively improve 7+ dogs' sharp thinking and alertness within 30 days
    • High levels of antioxidants help maintain a dog immune defense system
    • Adding glucosamine helps maintain joint health and activity in dogs
    • Contains vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus to maintain bone health

Other Information:

  • Category: Dog food, dry food, adult dog food, special formula, bagged
  • Body type: medium and large
  • Source of protein: chicken
  • Packing capacity: 2.5 kg / bag
  • Feeding guidelines:
    • The amount of feed is based on a 250 ml cup (containing about 105 grams of PURINA® PRO PLAN® BRIGHT MIND® dry dog food)
    • The recommended daily feeding amount is based on the average nutritional needs of adult dogs
    • In order to maintain the ideal posture of the dog, the metabolic status, body size, activity level, age and reproductive capacity of the dog will affect the amount of PURINA® PRO PLAN® dry dog food required for the dog
    • PURINA® Pet Specials provide you with basic feeding guidelines for recommended daily feedings
    • When you find that your dog's weight is too light or too heavy, please adjust the serving size
    • To help the dog maintain its ideal posture, check the weight of the dog regularly and make sure that the ribs and waist are clearly visible from the dog
    • Keeping the dog's ideal body state has a long-term impact on the dog's life
  • Ingredients: Chicken, dry chicken, rice, oatmeal, corn gluten meal, barley, vegetable medium chain triglyceride, pea protein, animal hydrolyzed digest, wheat, vitamins (A, B1, B2, niacin , folic acid, pantothenic acid, B6, B12, C, D, E, choline), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, iodine, selenium), amino acids , spices, beet pulp, animal fat (including vitamin E), dried fish, fish oil, antioxidants
  • Nutrition:
  • Nutritions content
    crude protein (at least) 27%
    Rough fat (at least) 13%
    moisture (at most) 12%
    Coarse fiber (at most) 5.5%
    Omega-6 fatty acids (at least) 1.5%
    calcium (at least) 0.9%
    Phosphorus (at least) 0.8%
    Omega-3 fatty acids (at least) 0.2%
    glucosamine (at least) 400 mg / kg
    Vitamin E (at least) 460 International Units / kg
    Vitamin C (at least) 70 ml / kg
    Vitamin D (at least) 1,000 International Units / kg
    Vitamin A (at least) 10,000 International Units / kg

FCL offers

  • 1 bag price $165
  • Two bags are priced at $320 (average $160 per bag, $10 savings)
  • 3 bags for $465 (average $155 per bag, $30 savings)
  • 4 bags for $600 (average $150 per bag, $60 savings)