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Proluxury 普樂氏 Food Mixers & Blenders


Proluxury Multifunctional Health Nutrition Machine 1.75 liters

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2020-11-27 2020-12-04 Ready Stock 現貨訂單 Pre-order 預售訂單 Gift Cards 禮品卡 Error 錯誤

Product Features:

  • 10+8 kinds of intelligent functions: DIY, jam, spice stir-fry, soup/soybean milk, heat preservation, smoothies, ferrets, milkshakes, vegetable juices, minced meat soup, milled powder
  • 8 kinds of DIY mode, 10 speed adjustment, you can make all kinds of foods at will
  • 30,000 high speed, easy to crush ingredients
  • Light touch control panel
  • 12-hour presets
  • There is a magnetron-sensing switch device for peace of mind

Other Information:

  • One-year maintenance with a voucher
  • Capacity: 1.75 liters

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