Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo one-stage learning tableware group Taiwanese system

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Colour: Pink

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Product Features:

  • Plants: Early milking - For babies who can't force the upper lip to bite the food on the spoon, the spoon is designed with a shallow mouth so that the baby can eat the food smoothly.
  • Watermelon soup water spoon: It is designed according to the baby's mouth food in the first and middle stages of the milk and meets the size of the baby's mouth. The front end structure of the spoon matches the edge of the general cup mouth. Even the baby who can drink but does not close the lips can also go smoothly. The action of making a drink makes the drink not accidentally flow, so that the baby naturally converts into a drink with a cup.
Other information:
  • Color: Blue/Pink
  • Specifications: No age: None
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP) -20 degrees C~120 degrees C; Thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) -20 degrees C~80 degrees C
  • Manufacturing date: marked in packaging
  • Validity period: ten years
  • Made in Taiwan