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黃色小鴨 PiyoPiyo Nursing & Feeding


Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo infant seven-piece food conditioner Taiwanese

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Product Features:

  • Baby for more than six months needs more nutrients to help grow and develop a healthy foundation. The baby's food conditioner allows moms to do more with less, and the baby can eat healthier and more energetic.
  • Strainer (suitable for 5-6 months): Stainless steel strainer that is not easy to rust, please grind it with a grinding rod.
  • Feed spoon (for 5-11 months): Easy to feed, suitable for the shape of the baby's mouth.
  • Grinding cover (applicable for 5-11 months): It can be used as a small dish when feeding, and can be used as a cover when stacked. In the early stage of weaning, it is most suitable when grinding a small amount of material.
  • Grinding plate (for 9-11 months): Grinding holes can be ground quickly and finely.
  • Extrusion juicer (for 5-11 months): A small design that can be squeezed by a small slit that cannot be passed through the seed or fiber.
  • Muller (5-11 months): It is easy to grind and it is not easy to stick to residue. The abrasive bars can be placed in the circle of the grinder handle when stacked for storage. A suction cup is mounted on the bottom of the grinder to help prevent the occurrence of grinding and dumping.
Other information:
  • Grinding lid/grinder/squeezing juicer/grinding plate/feeding spoon-polypropylene (PP)-20 degrees C~100 degrees C
  • Grinding rod-wood filter-polypropylene (PP)-20 degrees C~100 degrees C/stainless steel-20 degrees C~120 degrees C
  • Sucker-Thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) -20 degrees C~80 degrees C storage bag - polyester fiber 100%