Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo children's breathable pillow Taiwan brand

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Colour: Pink

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Product Features:

  • The breathability is good, so the heat generated by your baby during sleep is easy to dissipate, refreshing and not hot.
  • Natural material, dry and comfortable. Table cloth cotton material, soft touch; good breathability, so that the baby's heat generated during sleep is easy to emit, refreshing and not stuffy
  • The newborn baby skull is soft and grows fast. The yellow duckling "baby headrest" can satisfy the sleeping position and head shape of the newborn in this period, avoiding the flatness of the head shape

Other Information:

  • Size: W32 x L24 cm
  • Applicable age: both apply
  • Material: Pillowcase: 80% cotton, polyester fiber: 20%, Pillow: 100% polyester cotton

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