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Philips Series 5000i Smart Connected Air Purifier AC5660

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Product Features:

  • Anti-allergy certified by the European Research Center
  • Removing bacteria and viruses (such as H1N1, EV71 (HFMD), etc.)
  • 3 automatic modes: decontamination, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial
  • Real-time digital indoor PM2.5 monitoring
  • Instant four-level hazardous gas display
  • The indoor allergen index shows potential risk levels
  • Better features and less noise
  • Removing particles as small as 0.003 microns in air*
  • Strongly remove harmful gases, including formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds and odors, etc.
  • Simple 4-color display for easy monitoring
  • Track, monitor and control with smartphone apps
  • Upgrade the filtering system for longer performance

Applicable area max 76 square meters
Clean air delivery rate (particles) 600* cubic meters / hour
Clean air delivery rate (formaldehyde) 300* cubic meters / hour
Remove 0.3 micron particles 99,97 %
Remove ultrafine particles as small as 3 nm
Filter bacteria 99.9 %
VitaShield IPS Micro Shield Air Purification System Yes
AeraSense Technology Light Control Yes
Motor DC

Time to breathe healthier air

Time to breathe healthier airTime to breathe healthier air
Time to breathe healthier air