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Penaten Skin Care Made in Europe


Penaten intensiv Pflege-Öl German baby massage emollient oil

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Product Features:

  • Historic German Centennial Brand
  • Prevent irritating skin and cause redness
  • Continuously repairs skin, moisturizes and smoothes
  • With evening primrose oil and vitamins, it is mild and not irritating
  • Enrich natural ingredients to prevent skin moisture loss
  • Specially moisturizing and refreshing, soothing and caring for baby's skin
  • No fragrance, coloring, preservatives

Other Information:

  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Validity: Within 3 years after opening
  • How to use: Massage after bathing, or as a cleaning treatment. This product cover is specially designed to be opened by pressing down on the rotating lid. As long as it is closed, it can be tightened normally.