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Penaten Skin Care


Penaten Erkältungsbad German baby cold bath oil

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Product Features:

  • Historic German Centennial Brand
  • Prevent irritating skin and cause redness
  • Continuously repairs skin, moisturizes and smoothes
  • High quality mild thyme essential oil (without mint)
  • Help your baby to smooth the airway and clear the delay
  • Baby use for more than 6 months

Other Information:

  • Capacity: 125ml
  • Valid date: 2019
  • Usage: Add 5ml baby cold bath oil in 30L warm water, which is about 1/2 cap, then bath in warm water of 35c-38c for 10-15 minutes


  • No more than 20 minutes. Do not use with shower gel
  • Not recommended for infants with fever