Oribel Door Knocker children's knocking toy

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Pattern: Brother Tiger

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Product Features:

  • suitable for more than 9 months
  • Super cute, activated door design, good habits for baby knocking on the door
  • Development ability:
    • Great muscle exercise capacity
    • Cultivate music intelligence

Other Information:

  • Oribel children's knocking toy - busy woodpecker for more than 9 months
    • Knocking on the tail of a woodpecker will make a knock on the door and light up the woodpecker's home. Train your baby's finger muscles by turning the windmill. This is a unique knocking toy with illuminating, action and sound.
    • How to play:
      • Knocking the tail of a woodpecker
      • The woodpecker’s home will shine (the old version will glow, the new version will no longer have this feature)
      • Turn the windmill on the tree
      • Creating a small story
    • Development capabilities: causality, fine movement, hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination

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