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Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure # AR

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Product Features:

  • The unique spherical intelligent OID (optical identification) point reading technology, a lot of knowledge is known
  • 4,000+ rich world knowledge, covering 13 major categories of humanities, geography, history, etc.
  • Explore 220+ countries to learn about their country name, location, population, leaders, etc.
  • Enhance your child's learning skills through 25 learning games and activities, including 13 exploration games, 4 search games, 2 comparison games and 6 additional foreign language games
  • The UK map is detailed to give children a better understanding of British knowledge
  • Use a children's tablet or smartphone to experience the 3D experience of Augmented Reality (AR) - Let your kids see the world's landmarks, cherish animals, prehistoric dinosaurs, and interact with them and take a photo with them!
  • Bilingual learning, language settings can be switched from English to French
Improve language skills
  • Provide multi-language learning mode with 2 languages built in. Let your child be in a multi-lingual environment.
Improve thinking and memory skills
  • Let children learn to make choices, exercise their thinking skills and enhance their memory of language, images and content through a variety of learning games and interactions
Exercise creative thinking
  • AR Augmented Reality New technology turns the plane into a stereo, letting imagination take off while exercising children's creative thinking

Other Information:

  • Size: 34 x 34 x 41 cm
  • Battery: 3 x AAA