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Naforye Nursing Pillows Made in Taiwan Age 0+

SKU: G41-99416

Naforye smiles and compresses breastfeeding pillow 0-4 years old Taiwan brand

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Product Features:

  • Taiwan brand, made in Taiwan
  • Provide a moderate amount of support for your neck, abdomen, back and legs to give your body a degree of relaxation
  • The hook and loop fasteners at both ends of the pillow can be folded into a doughnut cushion to solve the trouble of the mother who is afraid of pressing the wound when sitting down
  • Put the smile pillow on the mother's waist, the practical auxiliary pillow--a good support for the baby in the sitting period. The special shape pillow is made of high-quality chemical fiber original cotton, so that the aphids are not easy to parasitize inside. Li>
  • The slightly curved half-moon bay shape just fills the gap between the body and the bed, and relies on the appropriate neck and neck
  • Specially breathable chemical fiber virgin cotton, good heat dissipation, suitable for mother's proper neck and neck
  • The hooks on both ends provide a variety of comforts
  • Zipper switch, easy to clean and replace

Other Information:

  • Size: about 138x high and 33cm high
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: 100% cotton / 100% upright fiber mesh / 100% polyester / T/C
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan