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Naforye Nursing Pillows Made in Taiwan Age 0+

SKU: G41-16005

Naforye [snoring] good pregnancy and stress nursing pillow Taiwan system

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Product Features:

  • Taiwan brand, American design, made in Taiwan
  • Slightly curved curves at both ends, just the softness of the gap fills the gap between the body and the bed, fully conforms to the natural contours of the human body, and provides a moderate amount of support for your neck, abdomen, back and legs. To relieve the pressure of lying down, sleeping on the side or sitting for a long time.
  • Removable 100% cotton pillowcase, after special cloth surface treatment, the touch is doubled and smooth, and the skin is good. It is very simple to replace and clean.
  • The two-end "hidden cat pocket" design uses the principle of refolding to make the strap system hide and not get stuck when not in use.
  • Using the straps at the two ends of the pillow, you can circle a doughnut cushion to solve the trouble of the mother being afraid of pressing the wound when sitting down.
  • When holding the baby in one hand, the breastfeeding pillow can be removed by one-handed tearing of the adhesive tape, which is simple and convenient to operate. .
  • You can circle your mother's waist and help maintain the correct posture and share the weight of your baby during breastfeeding, reducing the burden on your shoulders and arms.
  • A good support for the baby in the sitting period, just like the mother's hands embracing the baby to avoid leaning back or dumping.
  • The pillow core is made of high-quality raw cotton, which is light in weight and good in resilience. The chemical fiber property makes the mites difficult to parasitize.

Other Information:

  • Size: about 33x138 cm wide
  • Material: 100% cotton / Inner cotton-100% polyester

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