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Windmill Publishing Windmill Going Maze 4 Years - Multi-Huhui's NEW Mind Development Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
Maze: This book aims to develop and improve the child's ability to communicate, observe, think, and focus on the children's favorite maze game. In the happy game, the child's intelligence will increase rapidly.
Go Maze 4 Years - Multi-Huhui's NEW Mind Development
Go Maze 4 Years Old - Multi-Huhui's NEW Mind Development
Go Maze 4 years old - Multi-Huhui's NEW Mind Development
■ Product Description
Children are interested in writing and drawing, and then develop attention, concentration and pen-writing skills through line drawing exercises and primary maze games.

through a child's favorite maze games, training, improve the ability of all aspects of the child brush, observing, thinking, etc. as well as the ability to focus attention.

in a pleasant course of the game, the child's intelligence will be improved rapidly.
■ Product Features
New Mind Development Series is designed to allow children to develop their abilities in a variety of happy and repetitive exercises. The series is edited by age group, and any child can start easily and step by step.
1 reward sticker, 1 game card
■ Author introduction
Chiba University, Japan Professor Emeritus Akira Tago

GAKKEN WORKBOOKS series is a famous Japanese child psychologist, 30 years of theoretical studies of early child education expert Professor AKIRA TAGO integration make
total sales over 3900 Thousands of volumes, keen psychological analysis and new theory of early childhood intellectual development have been well received.
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] Going Maze 4 Years - Multi-Huhui's NEW Mind Development
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Akira Tago
appropriate reading age: 2 years old
bar code: 4714426401803
size: 21 * 29.4 cm
Pages: 64 pages, color, paperback
Publication time: February 2015
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