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Loulou LOLLIPOP Pacifiers & Teethers Made in China

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Loulou LOLLIPOP Donut Unicorn Teeth Canada Brand

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Product Features:

  • Two-sided design
  • From Canada, 100% edible silicone material, safe and non-toxic, no plasticizer
  • The designer's unique design, colorful, helps to attract baby attention, size is suitable for baby hands, promote grip/visual development
  • Handmade, materials, and combinations are all done in Canada
  • Tested by American ASTM-F963, CPSA
  • Retaining clip for anti-oxidation coated steel

Other Information:

  • Maintenance: You can use a hot water of 100 degrees or less. You should not directly heat the product. Other methods such as UV may cause the product to deteriorate.
  • For ages: more than three months

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