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Harrow Water Filters Made in China


Harrow LOHAS LT-W1 kitchen four-stage water filter

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Product Features:

  • Four-stage filtration system that filters chlorine, odors, dirt, parasites, bacteria and heavy metals
  • A5 size, small body, space saving, suitable for Hong Kong families
  • Backflushing filter design, can clean the filter scale, filter life is longer
  • Straight upflow design, more thorough filtering
  • Snap-on design, it is more convenient to replace the filter cartridge
  • The first grade high quality PP cotton filter filters out sediment, turbidity, rust and other substances
  • Level 2 advanced activated carbon filter, adsorption of odor, color, residual chlorine, etc.
  • The third stage rear activated carbon filter element uses imported coconut shell activated carbon filter material to further purify the residual odor in the water, improve the taste and make the pure water inlet more sweet and delicious
  • Level 4 UF ultrafiltration membrane filter 0.01 micron, removes scale, antibiotics, harmful organic matter, heavy metals, nitrites, bacteria and other harmful substances, retains minerals in water
  • A variety of faucet mounting accessories are available for all types of faucets, which can be quickly and easily installed in kitchen faucets

Product Specifications:

Water purification flow: about 2 liters / minute
Filter system: PP cotton + activated carbon + activated carbon + UF ultrafiltration
Two-stage switching: Clean water and raw water DC type
Filter life: PP cotton activated carbon (six months to one year), UF ultrafiltration (1-2 years) depending on water quality
Filtering accuracy: 0.1-0.01 micron
Product Size: 175x175x320mm
Product Weight: 5kg
Package size: 208x208x365mm

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