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Living Codi Play Mats & Gyms


Living Codi Children's Foldable Play Mats Korean Brands

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Product Features:

  • Korean brand, Made in Korea
  • Non-toxic -- The product has passed the EU EN71 toy safety test, which can be used safely by the baby
  • Easy-cleaning - Waterproof and dustproof design, easy to maintain the hygiene of the play mat, reduce the chance of the baby getting sick, when the fold, the floor to the ground side will not touch the baby's crawling side, prevent pollution
  • Safety--Environmentally-friendly 6-fold EPE compression pad (thickness 4cm) Lightweight, flexible and not easily deformed, it can effectively reduce the impact of infants when they fall, while reducing walking, jumping, and falling objects. Sound
  • Durable - In addition to the deformation of the compression pad, the wear-resistant PU on the surface has also obtained the Korean KARTI wear-resistance certificate
  • Convenient -- foldable design, easy to collect
  • Multi-purpose -- In addition to being used as a crawling mat and game mat, the mat can also be used as a bench, tunnel, crash pad and bottom pad for the game bar
  • Some sizes can be embedded with fences

Other Information:

  • Rounded floor mats Model and size:
    • Size: 112 x 112 x 4 cm Model: LCCM-001 (Rainbow) / LCCM-002 (Candy)
    • Size: 76 x 126 x 4 cm Model: LCHB1-001 (Rainbow) / LCHB1-002 (Candy)
    • The above 2 sizes (76 x 126 cm / 112 x 112 cm) can be used with #BA012 or #BR-7317PCT Toy Fences
    • Size: 108 x 187 x 4 cm Model: LCGP2-001 (Rainbow) / LCGP2-002 (Candy)
    • The above size (108 x 187 cm) can be used with #IR-3017MN (plus 1 set of extensions #GP8011SP) Game play fence use
    • Size: 122 x 208 x 4 cm Model: LCAZ2-001 (Rainbow) / LCAZ2-002 (Candy)
    • The above size (122 x 207 cm) can be used with #IR3017MN (with 1 set of extensions #SP-IR3017YL) Game play fence use
    • (NEW!) Size: 121 x 207 x 4 cm Model: LCHB2-001 (Rainbow) / LCHB2-002 (Candy)
    • The above size (121x207cm) can be equipped with #BA012 (plus 2 sets of extensions #BA012SP and 4 reinforcements) or #BR-7317PCT (with 2 sets of extensions #SP- 7317PCT and 4 reinforcements) Game play fence use
  • Square floor mats Model and size:
    • Size: 126 x 126 x 4 cm Model: LCGB4-001 (Raibow) / LCGB4-002 (Candy)
    • The above size (126 x 126 cm) can be used with #IR-DW7305A / SR-7304SP-MP / SR-7304SP-YG (4 sets of 8 pieces) Free combination fence use
    • Size: 100 x 160 x 4 cm Model: LCAT1-001 (Rainbow) / LCAT1-002 (Candy)
    • The above size (100 x 160 cm) does not have the relevant fence for embedded use
  • Iridescent: The same color as the front - red, yellow, green, blue
  • Candy Color: Front Side - Pink, Pink Yellow, Pink Green, Pink Blue / Bottom -- All White White

Note: The floor mat will have an error of about 1-2cm due to batch and model size. If you want to add a fence after purchase, please purchase the series fence with Living Codi mat. And purchase according to the corresponding models and accessories. Otherwise, after the receipt of the goods, the guest finds that the fence and floor mat are not suitable, and Suchprice cannot provide free replacement and maintenance.