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Kyoryo Mattress Pads


Kyoryo Japanese cool cushion

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***NOTE: This product is not available in box packaging. ***
Product Features:
  • Applicable to chairs, combs and beds
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, no need for power or refrigeration
  • Automatically cool down when idle, non-toxic and harmless
  • Use high-tech antipyretic materials to cool down efficiently
  • The average temperature drop is 3-7 °C, which lasts for more than 8 hours.
  • Outer 100% cotton fabric with 3 layers of anti-bacterial anti-slip material, comfortable and breathable, easy to clean and maintain
Instructions for use:
  • Can be used under bed sheets to avoid dirt and damage
  • Please put it in the dry place before use
  • Do not put any sharp objects on the cool pad
  • If it is damaged, please fix it with sealing tape
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean
  • Do not swallow internal gels
Storage method:
  • Stain the stain with a damp cloth and let it dry and put it back in the package. Please avoid any chemicals, high temperatures and sun exposure

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