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Product Features:

  • A large number of 1400 commonly used words and 100 sentences are included – more than 1200 words in the national small and medium-sized, more enriched learning.
  • Chinese and English bilingual reading teaching, where to go, where to read – Chinese-English bilingual pronunciation, read-and-click, learning English is fast and effective.
  • Lifestyle situation illustrations, graphic associations enhance memory – 37 life situation themes, graphical learning, make memories more profound.
  • Active English songs, easy to sing and learn English - include many good English songs, and learn English happily in singing.
  • A variety of interactive quiz games to enhance learning impressions - A variety of interactive quiz games to enhance English skills during review.
  • 38 theme units
  • American pronunciation - professional American announcer recording.
  • Illustrated words - learn bilingual characters with topical context.
  • Scenario Conversation - Learn life conversations with themes.
  • Interactive Q&A - A variety of different types of fun quiz games.
  • All-round learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Graphic dot reading dictionary 2, point reading pen 1 branch

Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading Age: 7-12 years old
bar code: 4714426204770
Dimensions: 36 x 32 x 5 cm
Pages: 56 pages (2 in total)
Publication time: February 2016

(Part One)
1. The Alphabet
2. Morning Morning
3. Go to school
4. Class Class
5. Library Library
6 Sports Day Games
7. Concert Concert
8. Curriculum Course
9. Bedroom Bedroom
10. Living Room Living Room
11. Bathroom Bathroom
12. Kitchen Kitchen
13.Household Chores
14. Birthday
15. Restaurant
16. Supermarket
17. 3C Store 3C Store
18. Shopping Shopping
19. Hospital
20. Night Market Night
21. Zoo zoo

(lower current)
1. amusement Park amusement park
2. Museum Museum
3. Beach seaside
4. Farm Farm 5. Leisure Time Activities Leisure Activities
6. Airport Airport
7. World World
8. Space Universe
9. Festivals Festival
10. Shapes and Numbers Shape and Numbers
11. Seasons and Weather Seasons and Weather
12. Time and Calendar Time and Calendar
13. Occupations Career 1
14. Occupations Career 2
15. Movements and Feelings And mood
16. Opposites Opposites
17. Pupils basic common English words
(2 books - Food Superman primary school English graphic point reading dictionary upper and lower)
Primary English Graphic Reading Dictionary-FOOD Superman P1
Primary School English Graphic Reading Dictionary-FOOD Superman P2
Primary English Graphic Reading Dictionary-FOOD Superman P3
Primary English Graphic Reading Dictionary-FOOD Superman P4