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Katoji FANICA High Chair premium wooden baby dining chair

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Colour: Brown
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    Feature of product:

    Officially authorized product in Japan, licensed in Hong Kong
    Seat with memory foam cushion
    The surface is ultrasuede® high-tech fabric
    The fabric is breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer
    Anti-fouling treatment on the surface of the cushion
    With dinner plate
    Comes with protection and belt (made by YKK)
    It can be used from half a year old, and the height can be adjusted all the time. It is a dining chair suitable for a lifetime

    Daily cleaning:

    Daily care:
    Brush lightly with a courtesy brush to remove dust and debris and retain the soft suede feel.
    In order to achieve better results, use a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, and use a white non-fading cloth or sponge to tighten with warm water to wipe the entire area.

    Partial stains:
    If you knock over a drink or something, you can gently absorb it with a paper towel. Most stains can be removed by this method.
    Oily stains:
    If there is oil on the surface, try to wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent the oil from spreading.
    Next, pat the stain with a cloth soaked in phenyl alkali from the outside to the inside, and then pat the stain and phenyl alkali with a dry cloth to absorb it. Repeat as needed.

    Other information:
    Weight: about 8.80 kg
    Applicable age: 7 months (be able to sit down)-60 kg
    Width 51.5 x depth 59.5 x height 82 cm
    Seat surface size: W41 x D24 cm
    Seat height of the first to third stage
     The first stage height: 57 cm
     Second stage height: 53 cm
     The third stage height: 49 cm
    Foot size: W41 x D 26 cm
    3-stage adjustment
     First stage: 37.5 cm
     Second stage: 33.5 cm
     The third stage: 29.5 cm
    Table size (flat): W45 x D18 cm
    The distance between the cushion and the upper end of the protective cover: 22 cm
    The distance between the cushion and the top of the table surface: 25 cm
    Effective width between cushion and protective cover: 28 cm
    The main part of the chair: Beech
    Cushion: 80% polyester fiber (polyester fiber·ultrafine fiber: 47% (using renewable resources) / polyester fiber scrim: 33%), polyurethane 20%

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