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Karibu Baby Bathtubs & Bath Seats


Karibu Mega Folding Tub

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Product Features:

The word Karibu is derived from the African Karibou. It is a welcome word for "Welcome" and it is also intended to welcome the arrival of the baby. The Karibu team is committed to developing safe and functional childcare products with a global sales network that caters to the needs of young children and parents around the world, ensuring that every product is reassuring and satisfying to consumers.

  • Unique folding design for easy storage and space saving
  • The safety stand can be locked and the sole is non-slip to ensure safety and stability
  • The pelvic piston can sense the temperature, and the water temperature will change when it is overheated. Tips can be configured. • Configurable safety bath net, especially suitable for newborn baby
  • Use imported environmentally friendly PP and TPE materials
  • No plasticizer, bisphenol A, heavy metals or any toxic substances
  • New patent design and won several international awards
  • Compliance with international safety standards and rigorous quality testing
  • New addition to Microban Antibacterial and Mildew Treatment Technology
  • Broad design, increased space and comfort

Other Information:

  • Suitable for birth to about 7 years old
  • Inside dimensions 72 x 42 x 21 cm
  • Bottom area 62 x 32 cm
  • The thickness is only 10 cm after folding
  • KR-3799BL / GN / PU