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Windmill Publishing Windmill Jewish Fables Picture Book - World Classic Story Series Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
Talmud gathers the millennial wisdom of the Jewish nation and teaches people how to behave in a simple language. It is not only the Jewish knowledge books, but also the treasure house of wisdom all over the world.
Jewish allegorical picture book
Jewish allegorical picture book< Br> Jewish allegorical picture book
Jewish allegorical picture book
■ Product introduction
Read an article every day! Let the children learn the wisdom and the way of life of the Jews in reading!

Compiled with a reading angle suitable for 6~12 years old, with a sophisticated and versatile illustration style, the far-reaching "Talmud" becomes more vivid, simple and interesting. It is easier for children to learn lessons and knowledge from the book. Light up a bright light in life.
learn from the Jews "Talmud" humor and wisdom

1. inspire children of wisdom, full of positive energy
spirit and wisdom of Jewish children learn easily from fable, a story It contains full positive energy, which can inspire children to think through reading and bring confidence, care and affection to the child.

2. children easily read, love reading
need to develop reading, read a fable every day to enrich the child's mind.
This book is written in a language and perspective suitable for children aged 6~12, so that children can read easily and fall in love with reading.

3. exquisite illustrations varied, lively language
exquisite and varied book illustration style, so that each masters are fleshed out, to attract children's attention and concentration force; lively language, let Children are easy to enter the story.
■ Product Features
1. Contains 50 simple and fable fables in the Jewish Talmud.
2. The story is short but profound, let the children feel the true meaning of life in the easy reading, and slowly understand the philosophy of life.
3. The text of the book is easy to understand, with full-color illustrations with varied styles, attracting attention and increasing reading interest.
■ Author introduction
Park, Soo Hyun Park Xiu-hyun
He studied at the Department of English at the Central University. He is currently working on books for children and young people. "Three friends", "I want to follow the wind", "Yellow mouse is a gift from my uncle", "The home of the country is left" and so on. His books include "Noisy Picture Friends", "Anyway, Listening and Listening", "Photos Tell Me", "Funny Scientist Franny" series.
■ Product Specifications
[windmill] Jewish allegorical picture book
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Park, Soo Hyun / Translator: Chen Xin Qi
suitable for reading age: 6 years old
bar code: 9789862234624
Size: 22.5 * 25*2.3cm
Pages: 248 pages, color, hardcover
Published: December 2017
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