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iRobot Household Cleaning Products


iRobot Braava Jet 240 mopping robot

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2020-09-23 2020-09-30 Ready Stock 現貨訂單 Pre-order 預售訂單 Gift Cards 禮品卡 Error 錯誤

Product Features

  • Designed for dragging hard floors, suitable for hardwood, tile and stone floors
  • Simple, just install the Braava jetTM cleaning pad and press the cleaning button
  • Square and lightweight design to effectively clean the surrounding corners
  • Vibration cleaning head for easy scrubbing of dust and stains
  • Centralized water spray system can dissolve stains
  • Braava jetTM searches for obstacles and protects homes, carpets and walls before spraying water

Following accessories

  • Braava jetTM 240 mopping robot x1
  • Lithium Ion Battery Lithium Ion Battery x1
  • Battery Charger Charger x1
  • Wet Mopping Pads disposable wet pad (blue) x2
  • Damp Sweeping Pads disposable wiper (orange) x2
  • Dry Sweeping Pads disposable dry erase pad (white) x2

Detailed specifications


Braava jetTM 240

package weight 1.9 kg
Package size 100 mm x 285 mm x 240 mm
machine weight 1.2 kg
machine size 170mm x 178mm x 84mm

Please note:

  1. The terms of "Unconditional Return within 7 days" cannot be applied. If there is any problem, it can only be exchanged and cannot be refunded.