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i-angel Baby Carriers


i-angel Miracle 3-in-1 Four Seasons Waist Stool Strap

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  • Korean brand, Made in Korea
  • High-end multi-functional combination product: It consists of "single waist stool + baby waist stool + strap", which is a new concept baby product that can meet multiple functions
  • Hip support with three-dimensional design: With the hip support of the uplift shape, the three-dimensional shape can tightly wrap the baby's buttocks
  • Simple connection method: Easy connection method, easy for your baby's mom and dad
  • Precision customization: According to the baby's number of months, body type, body model can be customized accurately
  • When you are born, you can use the waist stool to assist in feeding and sweeping the wind. You can use the girdle strap in 1 month. After about 5 months, you can use the waist stool strap. It is especially suitable for families with three years and two. The stool holds the older baby, and the mother uses the girdle to carry the young baby back
  • Free 360 degree view angle: The baby can look straight ahead, mother can also hold the baby sideways, even using the back way, it is more convenient for the mother to take care of the baby
  • Build the best environment for your baby based on your baby's growth and adjustable leg straps
  • Excellent air circulation, triple ventilation mesh: Use ventilation mesh on the inside of the strap and the shoulder pad that directly touch the baby's skin to ensure smooth air circulation
  • To protect your mother's abdominal impact, add a thick secret pad on the inside of the hip belt to relieve a small pressure and pain.
  • Product Details: 100% organic cotton bite, extra long belt, 100% organic bite cloth, sleeping cap for baby to sleep, storage pocket, adjustable elastic strap, extra thick non-slip cushion, The best angle to give a sense of security
  • Miracle Melange: The fabric is lighter and more waterproof, and the stain can be wiped directly with a wet wipe, which is very convenient
  • Miracle cotton style: 100% cotton series, mild texture, excellent moisture absorption, ventilated air, especially suitable for sweating baby

Other Information:

  • Applicable age: 1 – 36 months
    • From 1 month to 36 months from birth: Narrow girdle straps
    • From 3 months (the head can be lifted up to 36 months): Wide waist straps
    • Newborn (Sling posture) to 36 months: waist stool
    • From 3 months (the head can be lifted up) to 36 months: The waist stool strap
  • Applicable weight: about 3.5 – 20 kg
  • Waist circumference: 67 – 114 cm
  • Weight: 864 grams of waist strap and 808 grams of girdle strap
  • Accessories include: waist stool + strap + girdle, nightcap, organic cotton bite cloth, organic cotton bite
  • Safety Test: Pass KC Korea Certification Test
  • Made in Korea