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Hario Coffee Filters Made in Japan


Hario V60 White Coffee Filter


Pre-ordered 2021-08-25

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Product Features:

  • The spiral rib arch design does not affect the expansion of the coffee.
  • The large diameter round hole makes the taste of coffee change according to the speed of injecting boiling water.
  • The coffee tastes light when it is quickly poured into boiling water, and it tastes strong when injected slowly.
  • The conical structure of the coffee can be piled up to make the taste of the coffee fully extracted.
  • It's easy to make a delicious coffee that is professional.

Other Information:

  • Material: AS resin, PP
  • PP polypropylene heat resistance temperature: 140 ° C
  • Place of Origin:Japan
  • Specifications: 1-2 cups