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Goldenwell® 金樂 Food Cookers & Steamers Made in China 3 Years Warranty


Goldenwell® GW-A Intelligent Stainless Steel Noodle


Pre-ordered 2021-07-06

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Product Features:

  • With white ceramic stew and stew extractor
  • Luxury all steel type: stainless steel case, stainless steel base
  • Independent cooking mode button
  • Soup, porridge, steamed, stewed, stewed versatile
  • Tune the cooking time to complete the automatic insulation, and protect the environment
  • Automatic power off of dry water
  • Special reservation function
  • Three-year maintenance

    Model capacity power / voltage
    GW-25A about 7 liters (about 2.5 liters of stew) 650W / 220V~50Hz
    GW-30A about 8 liters (about 3.0 liters of stew) 700W / 220V~50Hz
    GW-35A about 9 liters (about 3.5 liters of stew) 700W / 220V~50Hz
    GW-40A about 10 liters (about 4.0 liters of stew) 700W / 220V~50Hz