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Goldenwell® 金樂 Rice Cookers Made in China 3 Years Warranty


Goldenwell® Jinle GBC-MINI Black Crystal Ceramic Mini Rice Cooker

Pre-ordered 2021-05-28

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Product Features:

  • Ceramic temperature resistance ‧ nutritious and delicious
    • The ceramic inner pot is healthy and durable, and the rice is rich in flavor.
    • Encourage the nutrition and deliciousness of rice when cooking.
  • Intelligent control ‧Functional change
    • Three-dimensional intelligent detection of rice water, rice effect is more ideal.
    • There are a variety of cooking options available for you to create unlimited possibilities.
  • Energy efficient, safe and reliable
    • The size of the firepower is controlled by the microcomputer during cooking.
    • There are multiple protection devices for peace of mind.
  • Pre-school time ‧Automatic insulation
    • Cooking time can be pre-set via your appointment.
    • Three-dimensional insulation keeps you time and peace of mind.

Other Information:

  • Capacity: about 1.8 liters
  • Insulation time: automatic insulation