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Fotex™ 芙特斯 Pillowcases & Shams Made in Taiwan

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FotexTM dustproof pillowcase Taiwan brand

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FotexTM dustproof pillowcases Hong Kong licensed (3 models)

Product Features:

  • Anti-mite material:
    • Using high-density microfibers, high-density weaving technology allows the fibers to be multi-layered and interwoven, resulting in fabric pores between 4 microns and 0.4 microns, and is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States. The IBT laboratory (the world's allergy testing authority) has a flood prevention certification, which proves that this product can effectively block the adhesion and breeding of dust mites (200 microns) and its eggs and excreta (10 micron), achieving a long-lasting anti-mite. Efficacy
  • breathable comfort
    • Using the characteristics of composite ultra-slim fiber to achieve high moisture conductivity, moisture absorption and perspiration, and there are numerous pores in the fabric that make the skin feel breathable, so the skin is in contact with it under dry and wet conditions. Its breathability, moisture permeability, and heat preservation state are above the standard of ordinary people's pursuit of bedding comfort
  • Safety fabric
    • Certified by SGS (World's Largest Quality Verification Organization) certification, it proves that no harmful chemicals or substances such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents are added, and it is recommended by anti-mite experts or professional doctors for anti-mite products, infants and allergies. Patients can use it with peace of mind
  • Durable wash defense
    • It is a physical anti-mite, no chemical agent is added, and the anti-caries effect is not reduced or lost due to washing. It has been confirmed by the American IBT laboratory that it has not affected the anti-caries effect after washing 50 times. (It has been confirmed by the American IBT laboratory that after 50 times of washing, it still does not affect the anti-caries effect)
  • Safety Coverage
    • All use the well-known brand YKK zipper, and strengthen the seam sewing, completely covered, durable, and make the bedding life more durable
  • Easy to clean
    • The material is soft and tough, washable, machine washable and water temperature up to 60 °C, machine can be dried up to 90 °C, easy to clean and organize
  • Made in Taiwan
    • All production and manufacturing in Taiwan, and ISO 9001:2008 certification, quality and safety are absolutely guaranteed

Other Information:

  • Size:
    • Infants and young children: 27 x 41 cm
    • Children: 36 x 47 cm
    • Adult: 48 x 75 cm
  • Anti-corrugated cloth material: 100% polyester fiber
  • Note:
    • Washable
    • Dryable
    • Cannot be bleached
    • Do not dry clean