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Garmin Forerunner 935 Sports Watch with running dynamic sensor Traditional Chinese

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Product Features:

As a persistent professional athlete, care about every detail that affects your performance, your pace length, heartbeat changes, lung capacity, running dynamics information and more physical information, as a professional three-iron running weapon Forerunner® 935 helps you adjust your pace and restore strength at all times, maintaining your best condition and getting ready to win yesterday. For more inspiring challenges, use the Strava online segment competition to convert your personal running or riding data into a virtual partner to compete and enjoy the competitive thrill. The Forerunner® 935, which is closely linked to life, has smart tips, automatic uploads and Connect IQTM customization to create a uniquely sporty watch with a quick-release strap.

Forerunner wrist heart rate full range of iron man sports watch

  • A sports watch designed for everyday comfort, weighing just 49 grams, with multiple advanced running and compound sports features
  • Built-in barometer, altimeter and electronic compass let you get the right direction
  • Evaluate the training status, let you know if the training is insufficient or excessive, and have multiple physical status monitoring indicators
  • Provide advanced running/riding/swimming dynamic information such as stride, touchdown time balance, movement parameters, power distribution, pedaling force offset, etc.
  • Battery performance: watch mode up to 2 weeks, GPS mode 21 hours, GPS power save mode about 44 hours

Light and beautiful, stylish and stylish

  • Forerunner 935 Wrist Heart Rate Omni-directional Iron Man Sports Watch has a comfortable lightweight design for all-day wear. The QuickFitTM straps are easy to replace and can be used in a variety of applications, from sporty silicone straps to classic leather straps or high-quality metal straps to quickly transform styles, making it easy and simple. (QuickFitTM strap is an optional accessory)

Mastering the physical status of the whole situation

  • Do you know how effective your training program is? Forerunner 935 helps you master your training and recovery schedules, and prepares you for the game and training cycle. The training status is an innovative physical status indicator that automatically evaluates your latest exercise history and various physical status indicators, so that you can see that your training results are getting better and better, reaching the peak or going downhill. The new anaerobic training performance indicator opens up new horizons and lets you know if training can reinforce your ability to break through the limits. In addition, you can view the overall training load, measure the amount of exercise in the past seven days and compare your physical fitness range to see if the load is within the optimal range.

Professional sports indicators Improve technical standards

  • Using the Forerunner 935 to measure key running metrics 2, you can easily grasp the running efficiency, such as cadence, stride, touchdown time, left and right foot balance, vertical amplitude and movement efficiency, so you can quickly improve performance. The key to the needs is to perform at the best of the game. Running dynamics can be measured by simply snapping the running dynamics sensor to the belt (or wearing a compatible heart rate sensor 2). You can also use other accessories and combinations to assist with cycling and even swimming training. For swimming training, the Forerunner 935 can track distance, speed, and number of strokes while swimming.

Long-lasting battery life lets you go further

  • The battery is longer and more reliable, and lasting power will support your iron man's will. The Forerunner 935 battery can be used for up to 21 hours in GPS mode and up to 44 hours in UltraTrac power saving mode; it can be used in normal smart watch mode for up to 2 weeks after charging.

Running, sprinting, swimming, cycling and three irons

  • Forerunner 935 has a variety of sports modes built in, allowing you to easily convert. Built-in sports modes include running (indoor/outdoor), bicycle (indoor/outdoor), swimming (pool/open water), cross-country skiing, paddle sports, cross-country racing, hiking, strength training and more.
  • Automatic compound motion allows you to easily switch sports with just one button for multiple workouts and two iron/three iron races. The Forerunner 935 is ideal for running, cycling, or swimming in the pool. You can tailor your own training program and download it for free from the Garmin ConnectTM online fitness community. You can also view previous training results in the app and share them with friends and family to infuse yourself.

Smart Connection

  • After pairing the Forerunner 935 with a compatible smartphone 3 via Bluetooth, you can receive incoming calls, SMS and community notifications from your phone while running or cycling, automatically uploading data to Garmin ConnectTM, and beeping. Control music, etc. Your friends can instantly track your running and cycling status through LiveTrack, or you can use GroupTrack to track the movements of multiple riders while cycling. In addition, data can be automatically uploaded or downloaded between the clouds via a fast Wi-Fi® connection.

The direction of the heart has no boundaries

  • The wrist heart rate feature allows you to easily move without being bound during the game. The Forerunner 935 allows you to add a compatible heart rate belt for more information. With a chest-belt heart rate sensor (such as HRM-RunTM or HRM-TriTM), advanced functions such as lactate threshold and heart rate variability (HRV) stress testing can be enabled.

Location at any time Almighty sports

  • With the Forerunner 935, the dual-star positioning GPS and GLONASS allow you to travel anywhere, with positioning in a tough environment better than using GPS alone. In addition, the built-in barometer displays instant altitude information. Forerunner 935's activities are beyond your imagination! The three-iron movement is basic, and there are also various sports functions such as hiking, boating, golf, skiing, and paddle surfing.

Customized instant connection

  • The Forerunner 935 Wrist Heart Rate Omni Sports Watch is automatically synced to the free online fitness community Garmin Connect, allowing you to view progress in the app and share it through the social networking site. Log in to Garmin Connect on your desktop or download the Garmin ConnectTM mobile app on a compatible smartphone. You can also download free surfaces and a variety of applications with Connect IQTM.

Get to know yourself more every day

  • Forerunner 935 is a good partner for everyday life by tracking all day activities, step data, calories burned and sleep. It is also compatible with the VariaTM range of products such as bicycle radar, Varia VisionTM bicycle smart displays, and the VectorTM 2 and 2S pedal power meters for the most complete ride kit. The Vector 2 can be paired with the Forerunner 935 to show power, speed, left/right foot power and ride dynamics, pedal force and position.

Integrate the game into life

  • Breakthrough yourself yesterday, Strava Instant Activity gives you more power. Strava Advanced members can synchronize running and cycling activities to Forerunner 935 for immediate feedback during the event; they can also show the start and end points of the event, view the rankings of the leaderboards, and also present current results with personal records. Comparison.

Other Information:

  • One year maintenance
  • Machine size: 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.39 cm
  • Screen size: 1.2 inch
  • Screen resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Screen type: Color screen
  • Weight: 49 grams
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery performance (up to maximum): Optical heart rate on:
  • GPS power saving mode up to 44 hours
  • GPS training mode is about 21 hours
  • GPS+GLONASS is on for about 16 hours
  • Watch mode (activity tracking / smart tips): About 14 days
  • Waterproof rating: Underwater 50 meters