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Clair Air Purifier Filters


Clair E2F Air Purifier Electrostatic Filter BF2025 Exclusive Korean Brand

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Product Features:

  • Clair Air Purifiers are certified to filter particulates as small as 0.1 microns, far exceeding the average Hepa filter and can only filter 2.5 microns.
  • The patented e2f filter not only captures ultra-fine particles, it also captures influenza viruses in the air.
  • The volume of the virus ranges from as little as 0.08 microns to 1.2 microns, just within the ability of the Clair Air Purifier to filter the virus in the air.
  • The Clair Air Purifier is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Unlike other Hepa filters that require a powerful fan to push air through to capture particulate matter in the air, Clair's patented e2f filter uses a completely different philosophy to capture particulate matter in the air.
  • The larger particles are captured by the filter element, and the finer particles are trapped by the static electricity inherent in the e2f filter.
  • Electrostatically attracts particulate matter and locks the particulate matter in the filter element.
  • So just a small, quiet fan without releasing negative ions.
  • This explains why the Clair Air Purifier operates 24 hours and has low power consumption.
  • Clair patented e2f cartridges are designed for easy replacement.
  • Not like Hepa filter, it needs to be changed every few months, because the accumulated dust is not easy to remove
  • The difference between the e2f filter element can easily remove the dust from the top of the filter element with a vacuum cleaner for 12 to 18 months.
  • All Clair products, including filter cartridges, are manufactured in Korea and have their own service center. Clair's products are reliable and trusted by customers.

Other Information:

  • Model: E2FBF2025 (for R2BF2025PW / R2BF2025BW models)
  • The usage period is about 12 months (* depending on the actual use environment)
  • Recommended replacement after the entire filter has turned black (top to bottom)
  • Not suitable for cleaning with water
  • Made in Korea