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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bird's Nest Peptide Microcapsules Essence Essence Singapore Brand

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Enriched with bird's nest essence, micro-capsule essence and energy whitening peptide, it instantly smoothes fine lines of skin, leaving skin looking smooth and flawless, firm and full of elasticity.

- Skin Instantly Boosts, Bird's Nest Essence nourishes skin, resists aging and fades fine lines
- Collagen-rich microcapsules release high-concentration extracts, firming and moisturizing skin< Br>- The ultimate brightening effect of energy whitening peptide, can improve the skin, effectively brighten the whitening
- light and not greasy, fast absorption

Main ingredients:

Bird's Nest Essence, Energy Whitening Peptide, Microcapsule Essence, Amino Acids and Collagen

Take a proper amount of essence and massage gently on the face and neck. The microcapsule essence will be broken to fully absorb. It works better with the bird's nest peptide series.