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Bio-Essence Bird's Nest Peptide Stretch Sleep Mask Singapore Brand

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Night sleep is the golden age of skin care, and the skin is constantly repaired while sleeping, but at the same time it loses moisture quickly. With unique memory jelly texture, add collagen-rich bird's nest essence, moisturizing and firming the skin all night long, replenishing skin moisture and allowing skin to quickly restore elasticity. Specially added with the ultimate brightening effect of the energy whitening peptide, wake up the skin is more white and elastic.

- The last step of night maintenance, nourish the skin all night
- Collagen-rich bird's nest essence is effective and moisturizing, leaving skin moist and elastic
- Energy Rejuvenation Peptide has the ultimate skin lightening effect. Effectively brighten and dry skin
- Unique memory type elastic jelly texture, firm and loose skin, restore fullness and elasticity
- Light texture without sticky feeling, absorb quickly, moisturize and moisturize skin all night

Main ingredients:

Bird's Nest Essence, Energy Whitening Peptides, Amino Acids and Collagen

The final step in night maintenance. Take a proper amount on the palm and massage gently on the face without cleaning. After getting up the next day, clean it with a cleansing cream. Suitable for all skin types, it can be used every day.