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Bio-Essence Bio-VLift Anti-Aging Eye Lifting Essence 20g Singapore Brand

Pre-ordered 2021-01-25

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To solve the problem of eye skin, it is effective against the external environment and damages the skin around the eyes, making the skin around the eyes firm and young, and blooming and glamorous.

  • Add BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM to enhance skin's self-repair and renewal, activate skin and energize skin
  • Enriched with black orchid extract, it is effective against external environment damage to the skin around the eyes and resists signs of skin aging around the eyes
  • Light texture, fast penetration and absorption, promote skin renewal around the eyes, firm skin and fight against sagging around the eyes
  • Injects firming energy into delicate eye contours to smooth fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture around the eyes
  • Repel the dark complexion around the eyes and fight against eye fatigue, creating a bright look.
  • The endless source of nutrition nourishes the skin around the eyes, it is full and full, the eyes are more radiant, the eyes are younger, and the eyes are bright and charming

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM, Royal Jelly and Black Orchid Extract

Use twice a day in the morning and evening. Take an appropriate amount from the dropper and gently massage the fingertips until the essence is completely absorbed.


20 g

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